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Welcome to our company providing high-quality consulting services in the field of information security. We will help protect your organization from cyber threats and ensure the reliability of your infrastructure...




Security Audit

Security Audit is our core expertise in the field of cybersecurity. We conduct in-depth analysis of your information infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and threats that could put your business at risk. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with a comprehensive security assessment report and recommendations for improving your data protection system. By choosing us for an audit, you will gain confidence that your company is well-protected against modern cyber threats.

Security Policy Dev

Security policy development is our expertise, providing reliable protection for your company in the digital era. We carefully analyze your unique needs and risks to create a customized security strategy that aligns with your business. Our experienced team will help you develop effective rules and procedures to safeguard your data, and will also train your employees in adhering to best cybersecurity practices. By choosing us for security policy development, you will gain protection capable of handling the most complex challenges of the modern digital world.

Employee Training

Employee Training - our key tool in raising awareness and competence of your workforce in the field of cybersecurity. We provide specially designed educational programs that enable your employees to grasp the importance of cybersecurity and equip them with the skills to effectively safeguard your valuable assets against cyber threats. Our professional staff holds extensive experience in training personnel at various levels, and we are dedicated to fostering a security-conscious culture within your company. By choosing us for employee training, you will prepare your team for action in the realm of cybersecurity and enhance the security of your business.

Incident Response

Incident Response - our expert ability to promptly respond and effectively counter cyber threats. We are prepared for swift action in the event of cyber attacks, ensuring immediate detection, analysis, and mitigation of incidents. Our team of professionals employs cutting-edge methods and technologies to minimize harm and restore normal system operations. Relying on our experience and bold actions, you can rest assured that your company is protected by reliable cyber shields.

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Over 70% of internet attacks arise due to vulnerabilities in a company's computer network.


The data breach of customers and employees can lead to financial, reputational, and other risks for the company.


A large number of organizations lack Business Continuity planning and Disaster Recovery planning, which can result in information security incidents.

The most common

information security issues.


On average, each team member has over 10 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. This ensures effective problem-solving and the provision of high-quality service to clients.

High level of service provision.

On average, each team member has over 10 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. This ensures effective problem-solving and the provision of high-quality service to clients.

Own developments

We develop our own products and services through careful study of the needs and clients, as well as having experienced specialized experts

Our cybersecurity


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  • - Phishing protection
  • - Penetration testing
  • - Monitoring of account data security
  • - Threat detection
  • - Information systems security audit
  • - Incident response for information security
  • - Compromised account monitoring
  • - Computer incident investigations
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